ultimate protective case.
Active Protection
for active people.
DryPhoneCase® protects your smartphone everywhere you go. Rafting in wild waters, hiking in the mountains, skiing or working around the house. DryPhoneCase® is shockresistant, dirt repelling waterproof and airtight. It even lets you use your phone under water!
Dives up to 10 feet
With the DrySmartPhone® case it only takes a moment to convert your smartphone into a fully functional underwater camera. Simply strap in and create sharp underwater videos and images in depths up to 2-5 meters! Don’t worry about dropping! The airtight case will allways float to the surface.
Repels moisture and Dirt
Driping liquids and dirt are not a challange for the DryPhoneCase®. Protect your smartphone from damage and moisture in the wilderness while hiking, or at any water related activity like rafting or sailing.
Safely with you in the snow
DryPhoneCase® isolates your device from the snow and cold while protecting against shock damage. Shoot awesome videos and pictures, keep in touch with the rest of the gang and feel safe while using GPS in the mountains.
No more scratches no more spills
Know your phone is protected from damage and spilling paint while working around the house, in the garden, the garage or professionally at a construction site.
Quality product from italy.
Tested & Certified.
DryPhoneCase® cases are all produced in a manufactory in Italy. We submit all cases to a water leak test. In fact the production line itself is an airtight test, using high-tech equipment unique in Italy.

No DryPhoneCase® case is sold without having passed the conformance tests!

Further on DryPhoneCase® cases have been tested and approved by an independent certifier and certified to be completely waterproof up to 2 meters and 30 minutes. Read the report here!
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DryphoneCase in action. Watch now!
Putting some stress on our cases in this spectacular video. 
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